Meeting Minutes

These minutes have been posted unapproved and unofficial until the next scheduled meeting.  

Quarterly Congregational Meeting


St. Paul Lutheran Church

Quarterly Meeting October 25, 2015

Following the 9:00 worship service

Present: 50 members

Meeting opened with prayer by Pastor.

Approve July 2015  Quarterly Minutes: Motion made by Verna W and seconded by George L  to accept the minutes.  Passed.

Review Treasurer’s report:

Pastor’s Report: We had 1 funeral and 1 baptism this past quarter.  Pastor was in Fort Wayne last week for his graduate work.  He stated, “thanks for being a congregation that prizes continuing education.”  If anyone has questions on the program or what he is doing they should call him. "Pastor said that over the past years he has had some parents wondering why their child cannot receive communion.  Over the past 50 years there has been a change in the stance taken on giving communion to young Christians.  Pastor and the elders have looked into this and feel that children who desire communion and know the catechism and have a thirst for it be considered for communion.  This will be a decision made between the pastor, young Christians, parents, and elders.  It will be looked at on an individual basis.  Children will still need to attend confirmation classes.  Any parents who want to have their children taking communion need to approach pastor with the request.


Bell Ringer: The bell ringer has been installed but some “bugs” need to be worked out.  It should be completed in the next week.

Polka Service: The polka service is the first Sunday in November.  There is no dinner following the service.



New Members:

Tom and Connie G: Motion to accept Tom and Connie into membership was made by Roger W and seconded by Ralph W.  Passed.

Elections:  Call for additional names to be placed on ballot was given three times.  No additional names were added to the list of nominations.  A motion was made by Dan K and seconded by Verna W to cast a unanimous ballot.  Passed.  List of officers will follow these minutes.

Turkey Dinner: The turkey dinner will not be held this year, as no person or group came forward to organize and run it.  Suggestion was made to have it catered next year if no one wants to take charge.

Deer Hunter’s Dinner: we will be having a Deer Hunter’s Dinner on the Wednesday November 18.  Guy and Karen M are heading up the dinner.  All funds raised from the dinner will be placed in the building fund.  A Thrivent Action Team Card for $250 will be used to help pay for the chicken and meal supplies.  Guy and Karen will be posting a list of needed items that can be donated.

2016 Budget: The budget was looked at and discussed.  A motion was made by George L and seconded by Roger Y to accept the 2016 budget as presented.  Passed.

Janitor Position: Dale A has accepted the janitor position.

Christmas Cantata: Our church is hosting the Christmas Cantata presented by the Community Christmas Singers.  There will be a light meal and fellowship following the cantata.

Projector: We are looking for people who would volunteer to run the projectors for Sunday services.  There would be training for anyone willing to volunteer.  You would not have to run the projector every week, but would be on a rotation schedule, based on the number of people willing to run the projectors.  IF interested call the church office or John K to volunteer.

Next Quarterly Meeting: January 31, 2016.

Motion to adjourn was made by Roger W and seconded by Roger Y.  Passed.

Closed:  Meeting closed by singing The Doxology.


Council Meeting

To be posted soon.

Divine Service

Sunday 9:00 am

Wednesday 6:30 pm


Morning Prayer

Wednesday 8:45 am


Evening Prayer

Saturday 4 pm


Confession and Absolution

Saturday 7:30 - 8 am 


Pastoral Care:

† Visitation of the sick, homebound, and distressed

† Private Confession and Absolution

 Pastoral Care from God's Word