Your Desired Presence at Holy Week & Easter Services

Pastor Larson


I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!” Don’t miss the joys or Holy Week and Easter at St. Paul. It’s not just a “holy hour,” a “holy day,” but a “holy week” to meditate upon the love of God in Christ who quenches the wrath and anger of God against all sin by his death on the cross and glorious rising from the dead.


Now that baseball season is starting you wouldn’t consider showing up just in the ninth inning. Surely you would aim to be present at the very start to be a part of the whole game – to get the whole experience and not miss anything exciting. If you’re nuts and think baseball is not exciting substitute your game of choice – football, basketball, etc.  Holy Week is much the same. Don’t be afraid to get out on the field and be a part of the WHOLE experience. Consider being a part of all the Holy Week and Easter services where Christ is present to teach, feed, and bestow good gifts to gathered guests!   


4/12 Holy Wednesday (service at 6:30pm)

On this holy day we will complete our midweek Lenten services walking through the 10 Commandments. Come and enjoy evening prayer as we set our eyes to Jerusalem to behold Savior.


4/13 Maundy Thursday (service at 6:30pm), the Day of Commandment (Dies Mandati), most properly refers to the example of service given us by our Lord and the directive to love as we have been loved (John 13:34). Yet we must not forget the comman given in the Word of Our Lord to “do this in remembrance of Me.” This day, with its commemoration of the institution of the Lord’s Supper, is set off from the rest of Holy Week as a day of festive joy.


4/14 Good Friday (4pm & 7pm) is the high point of Holy Week, but not of the Church Year – for we know that after Good Friday a day is coming when death will give way to life. If the commemoration of Good Friday was separated from Easter, we would remain in our sins, and thus the ultimate word of Good Friday would be “you are condemned.” Even as we stand at the foot of the cross and contemplate the price of our sin, we gather as children reconciled to God. In the services of Good Friday, the Church does not leave us in the darkness and the shadow of death but rather fills us with the certainty of victory over sin, death, and the devil, pointing us to the final victory that will be celebrated on Easter.


4/15 Holy Saturday we gather in the evening for the Easter Vigil Service (7:30pm), where we wait in prayer and meditation for the glorious resurrection of Christ. We gather by a fire outside and slowly walk into the church by candlight to hear the Old Testament texts which prophesy of the coming Messiah who is now here. In “church time” Easter actually begins at sundown, which is properly the beginning of a new day.


4/16 Easter Morning (7am + 9:30am) we celebrate the highest of all Christian festivals – the festival of festivals, the feast of feasts! On this day, when Christ first stepped triumphantly from the ranks of the dead, all our waiting is declared to be a waiting that is already completed; Christ’s triumph makes all the waiting that follows in our lives of faith a building anchored on the foundation that was laid when He whom the builders rejected became the Cornerstone. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed. Alleluia!


*Breakfast will be served at 8:a.m., on Easter Sunday, between services. 




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